Weekly Real Estate Update

Luxury Segment Heats Up Bay Area Housing Markets in June

The first half of the year ended on a strong note for Bay Area housing markets according to a new analysis by Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp. You can read it exclusively at http://pacunion.us/2tj41XS


Most Americans Still Think Buying a Home Is a Good Financial Decision

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that purchasing a home is a solid financial move, though worsening affordability is a top concern. Read more at http://pacunion.us/2t4RSWB


U.S., Bay Area Homes Sell Faster When Staged

Sellers hoping for a speedy sale should seriously consider staging their homes, a process that most real estate professionals believe helps a buyer better visualize the property as their own. That's true here in the Bay Area, where Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp found that staged homes not only sell nearly twice as fast but also receive more offers and command higher prices. The report is online athttp://pacunion.us/2tH6Izr


Number of U.S. Homeowners With Tappable Equity Climbs to All-Time High

Strong price appreciation has increased the amount of equity that homeowners can borrow against, with California accounting for a significant share of the nation's equity. Get the latest numbers at http://pacunion.us/2t1V3ho


What Color to Paint Your Home's Exterior? White Is the No. 1 Pick of Buyers.

Forty percent of homebuyers say white is the color of choice for a home's exterior, but it's important to choose a hue that you can live with for the long haul. Read more here: http://pacunion.us/2tbfTv7