Weekly Real Estate Update

Why Do Bay Area Homeowners Sell, and Where Do They Move?

Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp digs into transaction data to find out what factors motivate Bay Area homeowners to sell and where they go when they do. Read her analysis exclusively at http://pacunion.us/2wten5C


U.S. Home Prices Rise for the 65th Straight Month

Strong buyer demand kept homes selling at a brisk clip as the second half of 2017 began, with the ongoing U.S. inventory constraints continuing to fuel price appreciation. Read more at http://pacunion.us/2gmOmBb


San Francisco Paychecks Go Further Than You Might Think

There's no denying that the Bay Area is an expensive place to call home, but the region's high salaries stretch further here than they do in any other major coastal U.S. job center. Details are at http://pacunion.us/2gog40j


Home-Remodeling Activity Remains Hot Heading in to Fall

Whether you're in the market for a fixer-upper or are planning to renovate your home instead of moving, plan well in advance, as remodeling firms are currently in high demand – especially in the Bay Area. Get the full story at http://pacunion.us/2xzKJfd


Real Estate Roundup: More Home Price Growth Forecast for the Fall

The U.S. housing market is on pace to have its best year for sales in a decade, while activity surged in Santa Clara County over the summer. Check out these and other headlines of interest in Pacific Union's weekly Real Estate Roundup. It's online athttp://pacunion.us/2wurR1f