Weekly Real Estate Update

Bay Area Housing Markets Got Spooked in September

Bay Area housing inventory again improved on an annual basis in September, though the region saw home sales decline by 20 percent. Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp takes a look at the latest market conditions. You’ll find her analysis exclusively at https://pacunion.us/2RkkG4O


California Housing Affordability Inches Up in the Third Quarter

Homes in California and the nine-county Bay Area were slightly more affordable than they were in the second quarter, though less than one-third of households meet the minimum income requirements to qualify for a mortgage. Meanwhile, affordability conditions in Los Angeles County trended in the opposite direction. Get the latest numbers at https://pacunion.us/2yLK50A


Bay Area Cities Rank Among the Nation's Best Small and Midsize U.S. Places to Live in 2018

Despite the Bay Area's top-dollar cost of living, the region's rapid home price appreciation and booming economy have helped land a handful of local cities on lists of the best places to live in America. Read more at https://pacunion.us/2yKefRC


Down Payments Rise, First-Time Homebuyer Activity Falls in 2018

U.S. homebuyers are dropping the largest down payments in 13 years in 2018, while student debt and deteriorating affordability continue to hinder more younger Americans from entering the real estate market. Read more at https://pacunion.us/2AN2eMY


Real Estate Roundup: U.S. Homebuyers Love Their Patios

Nearly 60 percent of newly constructed homes come with patios. Also: The best two American cities for tech workers are located nearly 3,000 miles from the Bay Area. Get quick takeaways from the latest housing headlines in Pacific Union's weekly Real Estate Roundup, available at https://pacunion.us/2PBtUwv