Weekly Real Estate Update

Bay Area Home Prices Are Growing at More Than Twice the National Rate

Although U.S. and Bay Area home price growth moderated from the second quarter to the third quarter, appreciation in the latter region's two largest cities continued to outpace the national rate. Get the latest facts and figures at https://pacunion.us/2JMxD56


Silicon Valley Claims the Nation's Top 5 Neighborhoods for Equity-Rich Homeowners

San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles again had the most equity-rich homeowners in America in the third quarter, with nearly 90 percent of properties in one Silicon Valley community classified as such. For details, go to https://pacunion.us/2DekjVU


How Long Will a Home Purchase Impact Californians' Credit Scores?

San Francisco homebuyers have some of the best credit scores in the country, but they also face one of the longest roads to recovery after completing their real estate purchase. Read more at https://pacunion.us/2yVskMi


Bay Area Households Are the Nation's Best at Sticking to a Budget

Although San Jose and San Francisco were once again the nation's two most expensive housing markets in the third quarter, residents of those cities have their borrowing habits very much under control. More details are available at https://pacunion.us/2RGsw96


Real Estate Roundup: More Evidence That Generation Z Will Become Active Homebuyers

Generation Z are so serious about homeownership that they are twice as likely to start saving money earlier than previous generations. Also: Mortgage rates have again reached the highest point since 2011. Check out what's going down in the housing world in Pacific Union's latest Real Estate Roundup, available at https://pacunion.us/2z49Ida